Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don’t get it. Is A Curious World a game or something?
A:  No. It is neither a game nor a choose your own adventure. It is a full length novel that you get to personalize. Imagine a storybook in which all the pictures are incomplete, and the reader is prompted to fill them in creatively. Click here for an example.

Q: Is A Curious World safe for children? 
A:  Yes. It is free from both deadly poisons and radioactive byproducts. This book was written for young adults, ages 10 to 191. 

Q: Will A Curious World be released as an eBook?
A: No. In order to fully experience the book, you need to write in it. I hear that Sharpees don’t work so great on iPad screens.

Q: Can I buy A Curious World on
A: No, you can’t buy it anywhere yet. At release it will be available on while we explore more options.

Q: So I have to pay for shipping? That’s lame.
A: Lulu often runs deals on free shipping or other discounts. You can find the most recent coupons here

Q: What’s Lulu?
A: Lulu is a print on demand website. When you order a book, they print it and then ship it to you. Printing generally takes a 3-5 days.

Q: What color am I thinking of right now? 
A: Five.

Q: Do you answer other questions?
A: Yes! Fill out the form below, or ask the oracle.