How does it work?

A Curious World
is an interactive novel that encourages creativity in young (and old) adults. When reading the story, you will sometimes be asked to write or draw in the book. For example, you may be asked to choose the best topping for a meatloaf sundae or draw the fanciest cat mustache.

Your ideas and contributions are needed to make this book complete.
I have created a story—a simple beating heart—but your imagination
will give it a soul.

When you reach the end of this journey, your book will be unlike any other copy in the entire universe. Your unique thoughts and quirks will be forever captured in the pages, and anyone who reads your book will immediately connect with your creative spirit.

Each of the 70 activities in the book are fun, unique, and wacky.  If you’d like to see a sample,  click on the image below and get ready to flex your creative muscle.

Click on the above image to view sample




*Book printed on demand by  Requires 3-5 days to print before shipping.