Professor Donald P. Fairbrow

Sometimes brilliant, usually irrational, and terminally creative, Professor Donald P. Fairbrow is master of the unexpected.  Although best known as the founder of Other Worlds, he also “wrote” a series of quirky “books.”

The Man Who Fell Down 80,000 Stairs

DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. Yes, you read that right, this book is not meant to be read. Are you still here? Sure, you COULD read this book, but there are so many other uses.

Need a gift for the person who has everything? BOOYEAH, we’ve got you covered. Need more things on your bookshelf so that you look smart? PROBLEM SOLVED. Need a conversation starter? Pull this book off the shelf and say goodbye to boring parties! This is ridiculous right? Yes, it’s super ridiculous, and that is the point. No apologies.

There has never been a book like this before. Read it, gift it, or bake it in a pie. The choice is yours.

The Deluxe Collector’s Edition has premium hardcover binding, foil stamped lettering, and authentic “stolen from an old library” feel.


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 Requires 3-5 days to print before shipping.

The Oracle: Tough Decisions Made Poorly

Making decisions is hard. Making good decisions is even harder-er.

Luckily, The Oracle is here to take away your fear of making bad choices. Instead, our patented system replaces your free will with pure randomness. By using The Oracle, bad choices aren’t your fault*.

For example, let’s imagine that you’d like to go bungee jumping but are too scared to try. Instead of making an informed decision, why not let The Oracle decide? Instead of being paralyzed by indecisiveness, you can be paralyzed by severe neck trauma!

How does it work? Simple. Whenever you’ve got a question with a Yes or No answer, simply ask it aloud then flip to a random page in this book. The Oracle will then give you the best possible advice (with a 50% chance of giving you the worst possible advice). When you use The Oracle, something happens. That’s our guarantee!

The Deluxe Collector’s Edition has premium hardcover binding with gold embossed lettering on the spine.

* Any decisions made by people using this book are their own fault. The Oracle and its affiliates will not be held liable for injury, death, embarrassment, hilarity, or anything else caused by these decisions.


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 Requires 3-5 days to print before shipping.

Nothing But Cabbage

In his critically acclaimed followup to The Man Who Fell Down 80,000 Stairs, Donald J. Fairbrow fills a book with nothing but cabbage.

As a bonus, leaves of fully edible cabbage appear at the start of each chapter.

It’s light on plot but very healthy.


Iron Lung: The Ultimate Guide to Competitive Breath Holding

Welcome to the exciting world of competitive breath holding! This book will teach you many things, some of which are true.

Breath holding professionals use the term “Static Apnea”. Translated to normal talk, this means simply “not moving and not breathing.” Usually this is a bad thing, as not moving or breathing is often associated with death. However, for a rare few, this is how they became champions.


This book contains helpful advice and a journal to record your breath holding endeavors. The journal is pre-filled in with a bunch of real and fictitious breath holders. Try to beat them, or die trying, the choice is yours! On your mark, get set, HUMMMPH.